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David Thomas

David Thomas


David Thomas is a top Democratic strategist with two decades of experience in Washington’s public
policy arena. He has deep understanding of the Legislative and Executive branches of the federal
government. During his tenure in government, David served as Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs
for Vice President Al Gore; the top lobbyist at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC); and most
recently Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA).

As the creator of an advisory group of young inside-the-beltway professionals called the Majority
Under 40, David has built close ties to rising stars in the House Democratic caucus.
David served as Chief of Staff to Congresswoman Lofgren who represents San Jose and Silicon
Valley. He developed and oversaw all legislative, political and communications initiatives for
Congresswoman Lofgren. He frequently met and strategized with constituents in the high tech
community on a variety of issues including cybersecurity, tax and trade policy, intellectual property
and innovation.

During his tenure with Congresswoman Lofgren, she was elected chair of the California
Democratic Congressional Delegation, which consists of 37 Democratic Members of the House of
Representatives from California.

Prior to working for Congresswoman Lofgren, David was the Director of Congressional
Relations at the Federal Trade Commission. There he advised the FTC Chairman
and Commissioners on legislative strategy and promoted all FTC policy initiatives
on Capitol Hill. Among them: online privacy issues, the principles of corporate merger
reviews, Hart-Scott-Rodino reform, consumer protection and gasoline pricing
investigations. He also proved his mettle by shepherding the FTC’s budget request
through the appropriations process.

During the Clinton Administration, David served as a senior liaison between Vice
President Gore and the U.S. Congress. Working from the Vice President’s office
of Legislative Affairs, David advanced White House policy proposals on Capitol Hill. He
helped create a long-term strategy for the Vice President’s interactions with Members
of the Senate and the House of Representatives. David’s management skills were tried and proven
true as he traveled with Vice President Gore throughout the United States and organized the
involvement of Members of Congress on all domestic trips.

David resides with his wife Brooke and their three children in Chevy Chase, Md.