“As part of the team responsible for shepherding President Bush’s Supreme Court nominees through the confirmation process, Jamie Brown had to know where senators stood on weighty constitutional issues like privacy rights and habeas corpus.

Brown was key element of the White House’s legislative team that helped earn the confirmation for both Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito.

Having been tested by Supreme Court nomination process, Brown has taken those skills and contacts to K Street for a variety of clients at her firm.

That crucible proved good training for K Street, Brown believes. She met several times with more than 80 Senators, and earned a degree of trust she can rely on when heading to the Hill. In addition, the strategies associated with passing legislation are not that different than those involved with convincing lawmakers to sign off on a court nominee, Brown said.

“Not everyone in Washington, when you deal with them, is above board and plays it straight,’ said Preet Bharara, Sen. Charles Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) chief counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“She was a huge asset to the administration,” Bharara said. “Charm helps, and she has it.”

“[In] what was at timed an incredibly difficult period, she helped Google put a footprint down here and did it in the right way,” said Bob Boorstin, a former national security speechwriter for President Bill Clinton and current director of policy and communication at Google. “Jamie understands the way Washington works.”