14th and G, a new product from Mehlman Castagnetti, is the podcast sitting at the intersection of business and policy. Hosted by Mehlman Castagnetti Principal CR Wooters, each 20 minute episode features an interview discussing the future of business and the potential public policy impacts of innovation. 14th & G is designed to deliver quick, easily-digestible insights into the business of Washington.

In the first episode of 14th & G, CR welcomes Dean Garfield, President and CEO of ITI, the Information Technology Industry Council, one of the leading tech associations in Washington. CR and Dean have a lively discussion about the future of tech policy, taking note of both topical issues like tax reform and longer term issues like potential regulations of drones and autonomous vehicles. Garfield has been at the helm of ITI since 2009. ITI’s membership includes such tech companies including Twitter, HP, VMware and Adobe.