About Us

How we work explains why we succeed.

We understand the process of getting things done in Washington. Who to go to. Who to avoid. When to strike. When to lay low. How to approach. How to retreat. What matters to leaders and what is mere background noise. We’ve traveled the back roads, navigated the shortcuts and negotiated the hairpin curves that can lead to victory. Time and again.

Unique reach and unparalleled expertise are our strong suits. The combined history of our principals yields substantive knowledge and in-the-trenches expertise on a wide range of policy issues. Most importantly, we can talk to and bend the ear of those in power to inform their decision making. Our professionals know the issues, players and winning strategies that matter to clients.

Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas are not just names on a mast head. We are sleeves-rolled-up participants in developing strategy and implementing it. When the company is hired, all of its professionals have been hired. And the eventual work product has the fingerprints of former Chiefs of Staff, General Counsels, Staff Directors and Executive Branch officials all over it.

No templates here.

We understand that every client comes to us with a unique requirement that deserves—and demands—a unique response. We know better than to leap to conclusions and tweak an ill-informed, generic plan that “worked well the last time”. First we do our homework; then we apply experience to vision—develop an informed strategy and execute on an action plan that gets the job done.

Integrity is non-negotiable.

For Mehlman Castagnetti, integrity is not a standard for doing business; it is the soul of doing business. Our work is straightforward, direct, purposeful and principled. We are looked to for trustworthy advice and ethical innovation. We are committed to being renowned for both.

This is not our first trip to the mound.

Experience has been a good and tenured teacher for the people of Mehlman Castagnetti. Our accomplishments for our clients are a direct result of our first hand encounters in Washington. We’ve learned the nuts and bolts, in’s and out’s, quirks and quagmires of the Capitol, executive branch and federal agencies up close and personally throughout several decades of public service. What’s more, we’re seasoned enough to only do what we do best.