MCRT Services


How we work explains why we succeed.

After decades of being lobbied and hiring lobbyists, we built a firm founded on strategies and practices we know are effective.

Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas’ core client services include:

  • Day-to-day advocacy before Congress and the Executive Branch;
  • Strategic counsel and positioning;
  • Intelligence gathering and strategy formulation;
  • Policy analysis and development;
  • Message creation and refinement; and
  • Issue monitoring and reporting.

Fortune 100 companies have retained Mehlman Castagnetti to provide ongoing strategic counsel, and to ensure that discrete issues get a fair hearing before key federal policymakers. Start-up companies have asked us to help gain a foothold in a crowded political environment. Major trade associations have hired us to help shape and execute long-term advocacy strategies. Not-for-profit foundations have engaged Mehlman Castagnetti to maximize policy impact, analyze their grant-making priorities, and help them understand the political context in which critical policy decisions are taking shape. Organizations of all sizes have sought our expertise in analyzing the impact of proposed legislation and regulations. For many clients, we are literally their eyes and ears in Washington—and often their arms and legs.