Government Affairs

Rooftop ViewMehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas interacts every day with policy makers on behalf of clients, building bipartisan coalitions in support of client objectives.

As professionals who have been lobbied ourselves, we understand the best ways to make policy and political arguments that carry the day, both before Congress and the Executive Branch. Whether it is enacting or shaping legislation, or working with executive branch agencies on policy, regulatory development or strategic direction, Mehlman Castagnetti has experience in delivering public policy results.

Strategic Planning

Success without strategy is luck. Mehlman Castagnetti’s clients do not rely on luck to succeed, and we work with them to craft strategies that identify and leverage all of their assets based on the specific needs of each mission and each target.

Message Development

How one characterizes a policy issue is often as important as who one tries to sell it to. Access without message has little value, and can be counterproductive. Mehlman Castagnetti understands the unique needs and backgrounds of policy maker audiences, and we work to help clients shape their message to best marry with each target. Where appropriate, Mehlman Castagnetti works with relevant media that shapes the landscape of policy debates in Washington.

Coalition Management

Mehlman Castagnetti conceives, leads, works with and has created multiple associations and coalitions. We understand how to work with diverse groups to identify common ground, agree on shared goals and execute on multiparty strategies.

Corporate Positioning

Policy makers and staff meet with hundreds of supplicants every day, each pleading their cases and urging action. Success demands appropriate strategy, timely access, effective communication and getting noticed. Mehlman Castagnetti works to position its clients, as well as their issues, in the light most favorable for near-term success and long-term impact.